Sunday, September 27, 2009


My mommy told me to never say "I Can't", sorry momma i had to do it to em.

I cant get you out my head,
I cant stop crying and get outta this bed.
I cant studt for this test, or clean off this desk.
I cant walk around and look happy.
I cant comb my hair, it feels nappy.
I cant buy anymore tissue, and I cant understand these issues.
I cant explain anything.
I cant explain why the ocean took my ring.
I cant heal the right way.
I cant understand why you wont stay.

Momma also said never say I dont...

I dont understand why God doesnt answer me, Im too busy feeling like he thinks I deserve this intentionally.
I dont know why I cant be a good girl.
I dont know why I couldnt give you the world.
I dont know why Musiq wanted his friend back
I dont know why the love I had slacked.

Momma said motivation..

I do know why I love you and still do, you probably dont think its true.
Im willing to do whatever you please, ill pray at night on my knees.
I'll ask God for everything for you.
Becasue i never wanna hear "I just want my friend back" and this is true.

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