Thursday, September 24, 2009

Three Too Many ??

He has a guitar ? Something's different here. Many say he should retire. Others praise this mogul for his New York swag and rhymes. Jay-z, the man who everyone knows, isnt finished yet though. As for the Blueprint 3, Jay-Z's new album (which dropped September 2009), fans did not know what to expect for the rappers 11th album. Music today gives listeners eclectic beats and a club feel. Surprisingly, HOV's album gave a variety. As for past Jay albums, he gives his listeners a story, which comes straight from the streets of NY. It was exciting to hear Jay not abandoning his roots, with songs such as "Empire State of Mind" and "Already Home", featuring the new, talented artist Kid Cudi. It was also shocking to hear something different expressed by HOV though. The songs about his current love, Beyonce, let the world know that Jay-Z has a soft side. With the track, "Venus vs. Mars", HOV really compared himself to B and how they are a perfect match. The variety of this album makes people take a second listen and realize that this is not the same Jay I've been listening to since the '90s. Giving credit to executive producer Kanye West would be an understatement. The amount of work put into this album amazes me. Great job Jay, your fans still adore you.


Anonymous said...

thank you kay it was awesome!!!! keep it up!!!

Monica West said...

thanks :)